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Starting an Amazon business has now become a simple task. Challenges are in expanding and able to maintain the success achieved.

If you want to have an edge over rivals, you need tools that'll support you in making decisions which will in return bring more money.

Sellics  is one such famous Amazon tool that is highly recommended by the industry expert. But the real question how does this tool work? Best alternative to Sellics is IO Scout

What is Sellics?

Sellics  is an all-round tool. This suite contains a number of tools that businesses require to run moneymaking Amazon business.

It can do things from optimizing your listing to keeping a record of the rivals. This all round software is going to assist you to take on your business rival by ease.

Sellics  was founded as a commercial analytics organization. In the beginning, it was a keyword ranking tracker. But now, new features are added to make it an all-round amazon suite.

Multi-national companies like L'Oreal are using  Sellics  to handle their Amazon store.

Sellics  offers different plans for different organisations depending on size.

So that it can have companies from small start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations. The Sellics is different from its competition because it offers unique plans. Where you give money for the suite features, you're using, nothing extra.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics  has a unique pricing policy, the charges are straight linked with the number of annual sales of your brand store through Amazon.  Sellics Price  starts from $57 and could go up to $317, according to the plan you choose, and how you choose to pay for the plan, i.e. monthly, biannual or annual basis.

Sellics Product

Now, let's check out the different product  Sellics  offers:

Seller Edition

The seller edition helps the seller to handle their amazon store account effectively with the help of features like:

PPC Manager  - It automatically sets up a PPC campaign and spending for your business to achieve maximum produce.

Profit Dashboard  -This feature contains a complete record of your cash-flow on Amazon.

Competitor Monitoring -  Monitor competition by having data about rival's business and their keyword ranking.

Review Management-  Gives instant notification if your product gets a customer review and you can further spontaneously reply to the customer comments/review.

Inventory Management -  Make keeping record of your product stock easy.

Amazon Ranking Optimizer -  Gives you all the keyword related information needed for you to better your product rank on Amazon.

Product Research -  It provides you with a list of top-selling goods on Amazon. This makes it easy for you to select a niche for starting an Amazon store.

Vendor edition

This version is especially for Big Organizations who want to take their Amazon business to the next level heights.


Content & SEO -  This feature helps by increasing brand presence on Amazon search pages, which further helps in driving more sales organically.

Retail Analytics -  It helps the brand by giving them in-depth information about the brand’s merchant sales performance.

Buy Box Monitoring -  It helps monitor the 3rd party sellers who are selling your brand products to increase their buy box share.

Customer Feedback -  Monitors both good and bad feedback on the brand’s product, and provides you with the opportunity to reply instantly.

Amazon Marketing Services -  It helps in automatically bidding for AMS campaigns and also in optimizing strategy. All you gotta do is set everything up and let the software do the rest.

Agency edition

It’s specially created for agencies that require a more simplistic way of handling their merchant and seller accounts.

Amazon Advertising -  These tools make bidding process automated and provides you with complete records so that you can make full use of your customers’ advertisement spending on Amazon.

Aggregated Data -  Puts all the store-related data you need in a particular spot.

Agency Directory -  This puts your companies more visible to prospective customers in-search for companies to handle their Amazon business effectively.

Amazon SEO -  It monitors content and automatically optimizes listing for improved Amazon ranking.

Granular Access Controls -  This feature keeps all the customer information secured.

Client management -  This makes handling multiple customers easy, whether its vendor or seller accounts

Customer Support -  Lets the agency be in constant communications between industry guru who have experience working on Amazon sales.

Final Thoughts

In our Sellics review, we found it's an amazing suite with all the information in one spot. This is a perfect suite for you who wants a deeper insight into amazon data.

Selling on Amazon can get time-consuming with collecting every data manually. That’s where Sellics comes in the games. It saves you tons of productive hours and helps you generate more sales. Well, this all-round software is worth every cent and the best part is, you give money for features you're using, nothing extra.


How can I cancel  Sellics  account?

Log into  Sellics  account, head to account management tab. Then select on “Terminate Subscription”.

Can I use the  Sellics  trial?

Yes, anyone can use  Sellics  14-days trial by registering.

How can I reach  Sellics  Customer Support?

Reach  Sellics  Customer Support using emails:

For sellers -

For vendors and agencies -

Is  Sellics  secure?

Yes,  Sellics  is secure. Even though it’s storing all the data in a third-party piece of software, but it’s completely secure.

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Best Amazon Review Checker

A huge number of online buyers within the age range of 18-35 trust reviews to make a purchase. Obviously, if there are negative reviews on a product it affects sales. Negative reviews on Amazon have been a persistent problem for sellers and give their products a bad reputation.

This post highlights a free Amazon Reviews Checker that will help you in tackling negative reviews that diminish your product or business reputation.

What is the Amazon Review Checker?

Review checker Amazon is an app designed to examine product reviews and websites, then give analyzed feedback from the reviews found.

After selling your product on your platform, it's normal for buyers to share their opinion on your product/service and rate it. And this can fall on the positive or negative side. Because it is difficult and tiring to go through all the reviews on a daily basis, Review Checkers goes through all the reviews/ratings and gives you a detailed report on the negative and positive comments/ratings.

Some of these applications are pricey and paid for yearly or annually depending on the range of services they offer. There are also lots of free review checkers that are good and settles the basic needs for it.

How does it work?

Fake review spotters are not complicated but easy to use. Some review checkers come with an FAQ option that gives details on how to use them.

The process needs you to copy the URL of the website or product you want a report on, and paste it in the search box or write the link yourself. Then hit the check/summarize button, the results are fetched and shown separating the positives and negative reviews.

Top-Rated Amazon Review Checkers

How to check Amazon reviews and also tackle the pressing threats of fake negative reviews and ratings on products (paid by competing brands or businesses). It made developers come up with many Amazon fake reviews checkers with comprehensive review checking tools and features that recognize, analyze and report fake reviews. Listed here are the best free review checkers you can get your hands on currently.

AMZ Review Tracker

Serving as a reliable fake review spotter on Amazon, this application is designed to detect and respond to negative reviews/ratings and run upgrade on them. This review tracker fetches negative reviews and helps you respond to them.

fake review spot

It is Advised to enable notifications and alert features available, letting you know when a customer has complaints and you can respond to them immediately. It upgrades your response time and overall rating. Considering its reliability and extra features of data refresh rate, and finding opportunities it is popularly used in Amazon marketplaces.


This fake review finder is free and widely used around the globe. Its capacity to process and analyze lots of product reviews in seconds and offer additional features makes it highly rated. This tool processes millions of reviews searching for doubtful or paid reviews/ratings with amazing speed.

This review checker on Amazon is programmed with an AI that is used to suggest a suitable review to help strengthen product ratings and the website in general. And as we already know, good product review helps in boosting sales. The fake spot has a user-friendly interface and is free.

Product-review Monitoring

To bring into existence this review checker, ReviewMonitoring recognized the fact that all product owners or service providers need to pay close attention to their customers and their needs at all times.

amazon review checker

Since its launch year, its major objective has been to automate feedback to customers' reviews or ratings and generate suitable answers to tackle the complaints. And so far so good they remain one of the best at it and still offer additional functions like advanced analytics, monitoring competitors, highlights on your product strengths and weaknesses. 

Final thoughts 

These review checkers help many buyers around the world make guided choices when buying products online, saving time and the deceit of sham reviews.


How can I know if an Amazon review is legit?

There is no scale to guarantee a product review legitimacy. So to confirm its legitimacy you should check if it is a verified purchase, high rating with short comments, or use the review checkers for more guaranteed results.

Does Amazon have fake reviews on its sites?

Amazon is a large online marketplace and lots of buyers come on the platform to check reviews amazon, search or buy products. It's basic instincts to check the reviews on Amazon but somewhat difficult to track all the reviews on products, so there are chances you will come across sham reviews.

Are Amazon reviews dependable?

Amazon is doing an amazing job gathering datapoint and millions or reviews for buyers on the platform to get the actual ratings and reviews on products. But still, it can't be 100% trusted as some reviews are just to boost the product rating or value.

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FBA Toolkit Review

fba spreadsheet

An Amazon seller has plenty of decisions to make every day that can significantly impact their business either way. Such decisions cannot be made using one’s intuition, which is nothing more than a guess. Sellers need accurate information in order for the decisions they make to increase sales and foster growth. What helps with that is FBA Tool Kit, which you can download at

What is FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit is an online web app with a comprehensive set of tools for Amazon FBA sellers. It allows them to perform three main things: estimate sales per day, analyze price lists and track products. These are the three main features of FBAToolkit that will be the focus of this FBA Toolkit review.

FBA Toolkit Pricing

fba tool kit

This FBA tool has five pricing plans: Scouter, Starter, Business, Enterprise and Elite. Each plan costs $5, $50, $250, $500 and $1,000, respectively. As with any other premium price structure, the features add up the more expensive the price plan gets, meaning Elite has the most features that allow you to use FBA Toolkit to its full potential.

For example, with the Scouter plan, you can only track 10 products on US Amazon sites. On the other hand, the Elite plan allows you to track 30,000 products across US, UK, Canada, Spain, Denmark, France, Italian and Mexico Amazon sites.

FBA Toolkit Features

As mentioned earlier, Amazon FBA Toolkit has three main features that will help you become a better seller. Currently, you can find them on other web apps, but FBA Toolkit Chrome is more comprehensive and less limited.

Product Tracker

This tool, which is only available when you subscribe, allows you to spy on your competitors by extracting their price, sales and stock data. Each one of them can help you make informed decisions regarding your Amazon business.

For example, knowing the price and stock levels of your opponents can help you make better pricing and restocking decisions. And if you see that your competitor’s sales are going up, you can look into what they’re doing in order to up the ante.

Price List Analysis

With this tool, you can upload an FBA spreadsheet containing UPCs, EANs and ASINs and generate a report that will summarize the information in an easily digestible manner. You can even put it the cost per product to make the information more comprehensive, but that is not needed.

The report will contain the profit you can make from the product, an estimation of the sales rate, current offers on the product and the markup. This is also a tool that is only available when you subscribe.

Sales Rank

fba spreadsheet

This tool asks you to enter the Sales Rank of a particular category, such as Toys & Games or Sports & Outdoors, in order to provide the estimated sales per day. This will allow you to decide whether investing in products from that particular category is worth it. You can use Sales Rank for free.

Final Thoughts

Overall, FBA Toolkit is a great tool for extracting important information that can help you become a great FBA seller. While the higher plans are on the expensive side, even the lower-priced and limited plans make good use of its comprehensive features.


What Markets are Supported by FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit supports the following markets: US, UK, Canada, Spain, Denmark, France, Italian and Mexico.

Does FBA Toolkit Offer a Free trial?

Yes. The Scouter plan has a free trial period of one month.

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any moment, but you will not get a full or partial refund. And the website warns you that in the event any of its third-party APIs, which it relies on, is discontinued to the point they are unable to continue the service as a whole, your subscription will be canceled – you still get no full or partial refund, so subscribe at your own risk.

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