FBA Toolkit Review

posted on 31, 01, 20

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An Amazon seller has plenty of decisions to make every day that can significantly impact their business either way. Such decisions cannot be made using one’s intuition, which is nothing more than a guess. Sellers need accurate information in order for the decisions they make to increase sales and foster growth. What helps with that is FBA Tool Kit, which you can download at

What is FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit is an online web app with a comprehensive set of tools for Amazon FBA sellers. It allows them to perform three main things: estimate sales per day, analyze price lists and track products. These are the three main features of FBAToolkit that will be the focus of this FBA Toolkit review.

FBA Toolkit Pricing

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This FBA tool has five pricing plans: Scouter, Starter, Business, Enterprise and Elite. Each plan costs $5, $50, $250, $500 and $1,000, respectively. As with any other premium price structure, the features add up the more expensive the price plan gets, meaning Elite has the most features that allow you to use FBA Toolkit to its full potential.

For example, with the Scouter plan, you can only track 10 products on US Amazon sites. On the other hand, the Elite plan allows you to track 30,000 products across US, UK, Canada, Spain, Denmark, France, Italian and Mexico Amazon sites.

FBA Toolkit Features

As mentioned earlier, Amazon FBA Toolkit has three main features that will help you become a better seller. Currently, you can find them on other web apps, but FBA Toolkit Chrome is more comprehensive and less limited.

Product Tracker

This tool, which is only available when you subscribe, allows you to spy on your competitors by extracting their price, sales and stock data. Each one of them can help you make informed decisions regarding your Amazon business.

For example, knowing the price and stock levels of your opponents can help you make better pricing and restocking decisions. And if you see that your competitor’s sales are going up, you can look into what they’re doing in order to up the ante.

Price List Analysis

With this tool, you can upload an FBA spreadsheet containing UPCs, EANs and ASINs and generate a report that will summarize the information in an easily digestible manner. You can even put it the cost per product to make the information more comprehensive, but that is not needed.

The report will contain the profit you can make from the product, an estimation of the sales rate, current offers on the product and the markup. This is also a tool that is only available when you subscribe.

Sales Rank

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This tool asks you to enter the Sales Rank of a particular category, such as Toys & Games or Sports & Outdoors, in order to provide the estimated sales per day. This will allow you to decide whether investing in products from that particular category is worth it. You can use Sales Rank for free.

Final Thoughts

Overall, FBA Toolkit is a great tool for extracting important information that can help you become a great FBA seller. While the higher plans are on the expensive side, even the lower-priced and limited plans make good use of its comprehensive features.


What Markets are Supported by FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit supports the following markets: US, UK, Canada, Spain, Denmark, France, Italian and Mexico.

Does FBA Toolkit Offer a Free trial?

Yes. The Scouter plan has a free trial period of one month.

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any moment, but you will not get a full or partial refund. And the website warns you that in the event any of its third-party APIs, which it relies on, is discontinued to the point they are unable to continue the service as a whole, your subscription will be canceled – you still get no full or partial refund, so subscribe at your own risk.

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