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A huge number of online buyers within the age range of 18-35 trust reviews to make a purchase. Obviously, if there are negative reviews on a product it affects sales. Negative reviews on Amazon have been a persistent problem for sellers and give their products a bad reputation.

This post highlights a free Amazon Reviews Checker that will help you in tackling negative reviews that diminish your product or business reputation.

What is the Amazon Review Checker?

Review checker Amazon is an app designed to examine product reviews and websites, then give analyzed feedback from the reviews found.

After selling your product on your platform, it's normal for buyers to share their opinion on your product/service and rate it. And this can fall on the positive or negative side. Because it is difficult and tiring to go through all the reviews on a daily basis, Review Checkers goes through all the reviews/ratings and gives you a detailed report on the negative and positive comments/ratings.

Some of these applications are pricey and paid for yearly or annually depending on the range of services they offer. There are also lots of free review checkers that are good and settles the basic needs for it.

How does it work?

Fake review spotters are not complicated but easy to use. Some review checkers come with an FAQ option that gives details on how to use them.

The process needs you to copy the URL of the website or product you want a report on, and paste it in the search box or write the link yourself. Then hit the check/summarize button, the results are fetched and shown separating the positives and negative reviews.

Top-Rated Amazon Review Checkers

How to check Amazon reviews and also tackle the pressing threats of fake negative reviews and ratings on products (paid by competing brands or businesses). It made developers come up with many Amazon fake reviews checkers with comprehensive review checking tools and features that recognize, analyze and report fake reviews. Listed here are the best free review checkers you can get your hands on currently.

AMZ Review Tracker

Serving as a reliable fake review spotter on Amazon, this application is designed to detect and respond to negative reviews/ratings and run upgrade on them. This review tracker fetches negative reviews and helps you respond to them.

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It is Advised to enable notifications and alert features available, letting you know when a customer has complaints and you can respond to them immediately. It upgrades your response time and overall rating. Considering its reliability and extra features of data refresh rate, and finding opportunities it is popularly used in Amazon marketplaces.


This fake review finder is free and widely used around the globe. Its capacity to process and analyze lots of product reviews in seconds and offer additional features makes it highly rated. This tool processes millions of reviews searching for doubtful or paid reviews/ratings with amazing speed.

This review checker on Amazon is programmed with an AI that is used to suggest a suitable review to help strengthen product ratings and the website in general. And as we already know, good product review helps in boosting sales. The fake spot has a user-friendly interface and is free.

Product-review Monitoring

To bring into existence this review checker, ReviewMonitoring recognized the fact that all product owners or service providers need to pay close attention to their customers and their needs at all times.

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Since its launch year, its major objective has been to automate feedback to customers' reviews or ratings and generate suitable answers to tackle the complaints. And so far so good they remain one of the best at it and still offer additional functions like advanced analytics, monitoring competitors, highlights on your product strengths and weaknesses. 

Final thoughts 

These review checkers help many buyers around the world make guided choices when buying products online, saving time and the deceit of sham reviews.


How can I know if an Amazon review is legit?

There is no scale to guarantee a product review legitimacy. So to confirm its legitimacy you should check if it is a verified purchase, high rating with short comments, or use the review checkers for more guaranteed results.

Does Amazon have fake reviews on its sites?

Amazon is a large online marketplace and lots of buyers come on the platform to check reviews amazon, search or buy products. It's basic instincts to check the reviews on Amazon but somewhat difficult to track all the reviews on products, so there are chances you will come across sham reviews.

Are Amazon reviews dependable?

Amazon is doing an amazing job gathering datapoint and millions or reviews for buyers on the platform to get the actual ratings and reviews on products. But still, it can't be 100% trusted as some reviews are just to boost the product rating or value.

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